Prefatory Remarks

The parameters of the self have become simultaneously expansive and contractive.

Multiplicity has brought knowledge and inclusion, but the consequences of the unforeseen for the individual - if indeed such a term is still vaild - have been external and, more novel, internal division. Social Darwinism is an explicit danger; Social Linnaeusism is a silent killer that ravages modern society, the currently unacknowledged classificasus horriblus.

The dynamo is a powerful unit, though ignored is the fact that the unit is built on the assembly line. Each specialized worker can form only certain specialized pieces. The whole, both the factory and the dynamo, work well in unison but lack interchangibility or expansion within themselves without aide of a major reworking, after which stasis is again achieved.

There are more kinds of pies but we are forced to choose only one.

Words which are succintly and completely defined are dead.