Inside Nazi Germany ad

Variety. 2 February 1938: 30.

This ad demonstrates a common method used in March of Time PR: listing favorable quotes. The quotes that comment on whether it's anti- or pro-Nazi fall heavily on the anti-Nazi side, demonstrating how March of Time intended its film to be received.

One of those quoted includes Rabbi Stephen Wise: "A truthful portrait of the March of Time in Nazi Germany. As an American, I congratulate 'Time' for defending the Democratic Ideal—by telling the truth about Regimentation in Nazi Germany." Wise feels the need to stipulate he's an American, suggesting that part of the problem with American inaction was that Jews may have been viewed as foreigners. Identifying himself as American, rather than a German Jew, may have given his comments more legitimacy in the eyes of some Americans. But his criticism of "Regimentation" is mild—he does not comment on the fact that Germans are singling out Jews in particular.

The March Toward War: The March of Time as Documentary and Propaganda • © Mary Wood
Inside Nazi Germany
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