March of Time Review

Variety. 23 October 1935: 13.

This issue is "possibly the best to date." The reviewer praises the slowed-down pace, which shows "maturer showmanship."

Jews are fleeing (23,000 from Germany) to Palestine, a new Jewish settlement. "Shots of Hitler on the soapbox and of mobs of Nazis making raids on Jewish homes, shops, offices, stores, highly dramatic and, of course, controversial. Time thrives on controversial items. Nazi elements may yelp at the unflattering picturization. It tends to show the Nazi brown shirts as a bunch of naughty boys with a fixation on fraternity hazing tactics."

At once the scenes are considered controversial, but on the other hand this reviewer undermines their seriousness, without noting that several such scenes were staged.

The March Toward War: The March of Time as Documentary and Propaganda • © Mary Wood