March of Time Review

Variety. 24 April 1935: 13.

This issue "for the first time attains the full promise of the new type of screen journalism, which the editor-producers of this magazine newsreel have adopted as a merchandising slogan. For No. 3 of the monthly releases goes further in its promise of moulding popular opinion in the treatment of its four subjects."

This review seemingly sets up what today we would call dichotomies: it's journalism, but there's merchandising involved; it's journalism, but it tries to mold popular opinion. The reviewer remarks: "the impersonal offscreen description is punchily pithy, but none the less not without its editorial influence in just the right degrees when it suits the 'Time' editorial-production staff's purposes, such as in the Kingfish hooeyisms."

The March Toward War: The March of Time as Documentary and Propaganda • © Mary Wood