The March Toward War: The March of Time as Document and Propaganda
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The Shadow of War
Germany's Rising Power
The World Prepares for War
America Prepares for War
American Neutrality
Failure of the League
Failure of Versailles
England's Failures
Ambiguous Russia
Plight of the Jews
Humanizing Dictators
War Zones
Italy Seizes Ethiopia
Japanese Conquests
Chinese Resistance
Spain's Civil War
The Mediterranean
Pearl Harbor
 Plymouth Rock

The Ramparts We Watch

August 27, 1935: Mussolini's Son Play audio
 Hitler in shadows
Hitler shouts

Eight-year old wants to fight in Ethiopia. Romano Mussolini. “Salute. I am a soldier. Hail Il Duce!” Want to be a captain. “All the men in our family are going!” “The arm of Italy must crush out slavery in a barbaric country!” “Son of the Roman wolf.” hoping that war will last long enough for class of 1927 to be called (just class of 1914 now).

May 15, 1936: Hitler's Childhood Play audio

Wooster, Ohio man remembers Hitler as a child. John Schimmel. Was a schoolmate of his in Transylvania. “Even at 7, he usually got what he went after.” Was learning trade of painter and paper hanger. When he figured out smell of turpentine led teacher to dismiss class early, he made it a point to smell more like turpentine “till it nearly drive all of us out of the building.” When teacher protested, Hitler said he had no other clothes. “He got a new suit out of that deal.”

January 6, 1938: Italian Babies Contest Play audio

One woman 10 babies in 11 years. One woman with 13 children—her husband is in Spain—when will he come back? “Oh, soon, very soon I hope.” “Remember, senora, let Il Duce know about it, if your husband forgets how to treat you.”

March 3, 1939: Dancing for Hitler Play audio

Marion Daniels—wish of Hitler that you come to Munich at once—airplane provided for her convenience. She tap dances for Hitler. She doesn't understand German—says her performance of the Merry Widow is the finest he has ever seen. He says she has a wonderful mvt of the body. “Oh, you must mean my flexes.” “Mr. Hitler was terribly nice and polite and later I did a [unintelligible] for him and some of his friends in a nightclub, only of course my mother went with me. I never go anywhere without mother!” Narrator: “Such the Hitler headline of the week, made by a youthful U.S. woman tap dancer.”

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