The March Toward War: The March of Time as Document and Propaganda
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  American Nazis, March 7, 1938 Life Magazine



This timeline includes a chronological account of March of Time film and radio events as well as events in the build-up toward war. Events are also color-coded by region where the event took place or where the event held relevance. March of Time events have a white background.

It may appear possible to analyze what March of Time covered from this perspective, but keep in mind that I did not have access to the all the radio shows. The film coverage is fairly accurate up to 1939, however, primarily because the films were well-preserved. In general, it's fair to say the radio show and the films focused more on European affairs than that of any other region.

Other than give the context of world events, the timeline may reveal how the production schedules of the radio show and film production each affected what they covered or how they covered it.