February 1912 Calendar Postcard

February 1912 Calendar Postcard. The R. F. Outcault Society's Yellow Kid Site 10 Dec. 2003. <http://www.neponset.com/yellowkid/>.

"Although the YK calendar postcards were issued over several years, only 12 different images were ever created, one for each month. Thus the image for February, 1912, looked identical to the image for February, 1914. Calendar cards were published in a larger format than regular postcards; if you find one the same size, it has been trimmed to fit an album or some other storage mechanism. Untrimmed cards in NM/M condition are rare and might sell for up to $250! Cards in lesser condition, especially those that have been trimmed, sell for much less. The easiest way to tell if a card has been trimmed is to measure it or check to see if there is a reasonable border around the text and store name in the lower right corner. This card is priced at $75."

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