The Yellow Kid on the Paper Stage
Introduction Origins of the Kid Class Warfare on the Urban Stage Race and Ethnicity Selling the Kid The Death of the Kid
The Miniature Minstrel Mimics
"The Science of It."
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Exploiting Race and Ethnicity

Yellow Kid Vaudeville CartoonLike its theatrical and artistic predecessors and contemporaries, Outcault's Yellow Kid comics played race and ethnicity for laughs while excluding the butt of the joke from the community. Outcault featured black children in his comics, but drew them as if they were wearing blackface makeup, with very dark skin and large lips (that are sometimes white, sometimes red). Such portrayals bound the white community together; at the least, they may have thought, they were superior to blacks, and perhaps even the Irish, also an underdog ethnic group at the time. Like the black minstrel show character, the Kid and his friends were inherited from a tradition of Irish comedy previously found in minstrel shows, variety theater, and vaudeville.

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