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sinatra houseFunction, you know, it is not only for looks. After all, the Traditional Style is mostly for looks too and I do not think that is the solution. I think you should get more results for the least amount of effort, like the principal of the egg."
-Albert Frey

The notion of Palm Springs as a unique architectural and cultural climate is bolstered by the breadth of residential, commercial and civic architecture found across the economic spectrum. Modernist design was offered in a wide array of living modes, from custom homes in the hills to single family suburban neighborhoods and through even newer forms including the country club community and luxury condominium complex. In an area where many of the residents were there only part time, homes were designed with open and adjoining spaces for entertaining and lounging, access to the outdoors from multiple vantage points. They were oriented and built to mitigate the desert heat. This purpose built environment disguised the existence of class differences, putting those seeking a taste of the celebrity lifestyle in proximity to the biggest stars of the day, with each in their place. The momentum gained from a stunning collection of private homes, and the proliferation of Modernism at all price points helped to create an environment in which new ideas regarding public architecture could flourish. The small size of the community, its relative wealth and the importance of the area as a distinctive tourist spot meant that commercial and civic architecture did not have to bow to precedent, but instead fully participated in the innovation thriving in Palm Springs.


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