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“In Palm Springs we can see, on a stage small enough to be grasped, the circular story of architecture and taste played out throughout the world in the twentieth century; the introduction of avant-garde styles, which becomes established, then varied, until it lapses out of fashion, often parodied, only to be rediscoverd and revived.”
Alan Hess

There are times when stars align and elements converge to allow an architectural sub-culture to grow and flourish. Ideas originate in art and architecture and are brought to life by talented craftsmen who take their cues from the natural and constructed environments to create a new form. Mid-twentieth century Palm Springs California, favored by a convergence of money, talent, and taste, offers up a collection of architectural artifacts that stand as a testament to a burgeoning leisure culture, a confidence born of wealth, and a desire to break free of convention and tradition. The result is a place apart, a place where American and European architectural traditions were assimilated and reformed in the stark beauty of the Mojave desert. Schools, banks, airports, gas stations, churches, mansions, motels, hospitals, tract homes and trailer parks defined and maintained a design aesthetic not seen in such concentration anywhere before or since. Modernism came to American architecture and design in many forms. The expressions of form pulled forth from a generation of visionary Modernist architects left an unparalleled legacy in the Coachella Valley.

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