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"Designed by architect Donald Wexler for Dinah Shore in 1963 this legendary tennis estate defines timeless architecture. The 1.3+ acre property offers a rare opportunity to experience a piece of architecture and design that embodies the enjoyment of past, present and future. Extensive renovations were done to bring the interiors current while honoring the bones of the house. The blueprint for modern desert living, this property embraces the beauty of the environment by commingling the interior and exterior space, while using current materials Wexler might have used if available to him during original creation."
-2010 Real Estate Ad for Dinah Shore estate

There has been a sea change in attitudes toward preservation of Modern structures in Palm Springs since the turn of the century. Realtors highlight the work of now famous architects in their brochures; high end homes end up in art auctions; visitors flock to the town for Modernist Week; and work goes on to create historic designations and districts throughout the region. New players are coming into the market to create homes based on mid-century designs and plans for grand renovations of iconic structures are coming to fruition. As battles for preservation are waged and development and preservation interests sometimes find themselves in opposite camps, the presumption of protection for the architectural heritage of Palm Springs has never been stronger. The work to spur re-development of downtown Palm Springs will take place within a framework that recognizes preservation of this heritage as vital to the economic and cultural heritage of the region.


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