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Chapter   Section
1-The Rise of Desert Modern  
  1- Early Palm Springs: Tourist Town on the Make
  2- Gomorrah in Eden: Hollywood's Weekend Home
  3- Building on the Harsh Terrain: Modernism in the Desert
  4- Desert Visionaries
  5- Image Gallery
2-Design to Live, Work, and Play
  1- The Way to Live: Modern Residences for Every Budget and Taste
  2- Pride and Joy: Civic and Commercial Designs in the Public Square
  3- Image Gallery
3-The Tide Turns from Modernism
  1- Give the People What You Want
  2- Spanish Envy and Hard Times
  3- Image Gallery
4-Renovation and Renewal
  1- Down Long Enough to Be Cool Again
  2- Advocates and Allies for Preservation
  3- Image Gallery
5-The Path Ahead
  1- Preservation as Part of the Process:Civic Review
  2- Taking Sides:The Town and Country Center
  3- Image Gallery
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