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This site was completed by Elizabeth J. Burnette as part of the graduate program in American Studies at the University of Virginia. Some of these pages have several film clips; please be patient as they load.

Systematic recording of television news did not begin until 1965, and even today access to footage is difficult--and expensive. Accordingly, this site relied on two collections of footage issued by CBS, as well as a National Educational Television documentary filmed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1967. The intention is not to excoriate CBS solely, nor is the intention to condemn all CBS journalists. For a more comprehensive study of all television news footage during the Vietnam era, please see Daniel Hallin's The Uncensored War.

This site makes an argument about television journalism during Vietnam. But, like television journalism itself, this site mediates information--both through the film clips chosen and through the written captions. All media mediate.


Subjectivity, Mediation, & Violence

The Resiliency of the Establishment

The Sway of Consensus

Ideology as Narrative

Technology & Morality



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