Molly in the Media

Photographs and Articles Featuring Aunt Molly

nyt obituary.

New York Times, December 3, 1960.


AMJ in NY Herald Tribune.

Molly's arrival in the city was featured in this New York Herald Tribune article by Ben Robertson, December 2, 1931. See larger image. Source: Only a Miner.


reds in riot headline.

April 13, 1932, New York Times piece recounts a violent clash at a union meeting Molly attended in New York. Read the full article.


Molly Shares Her Music.

The American Ballad Singers "obtain material from Aunt Molly Jackson, who comes from hill country," in this December 21, 1941, New York Times photo. See larger image.


elie siegmeister on america's folksongs.

Composer Elie Siegmeister describes meeting Aunt Molly for the first time in this February 11, 1940, New York Times article. Read the whole article.


leadbelly and aunt molly.

Authentic folk: Leadbelly and Aunt Molly to perform in a relief concert for Dust Bowl refugees, March 3, 1940, New York Times. See larger image.


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AMJ in the New York Times.

Aunt Molly in the New York Times, November 21, 1935.


amj performance.

Performance announcement in the New York Times, February 11, 1940.


Cavalcade of American Song.

June 1, 1941, New York Times notice of Molly's performance in Cavalcade of American Song. View the whole page.


Molly on the Radio.

"Today on the Radio," January 23, 1940, New York Times. View the full day's program.


molly teaches ballad writing workshop.

Aunt Molly invited to guest lecture in a ballad writing workshop, April 27, 1941, New York Times.


anderson speech headline

December 7, 1931, New York Times article describing the Dreiser Committee rally for the Harlan miners, at which Aunt Molly performed and Sherwood Anderson delivered the keynote address. Read the full article.