All images listed here were captured with a digital camera from original copies of Puck. Thanks to Edward Gaynor and his staff at Alderman Library's Special Collections for their important contributions in this regard. Unless otherwise specified, the artist is Joseph Keppler.

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Volume Seven
#157 (3/10/80) "An Unexpected Blow" (101k)
#158 (3/17/80) "15-14-13 Puzzle" by James A. Wales (51k)
#160 (3/31/80) "The Political 'Army of Salvation'" (139k)
#161 (4/7/80) "The Only Baby" by James A. Wales (76k)
#162 (4/14/80) "In Danger" (128k)
#163 (4/21/80) "The Worship of the Golden Calf" (136k)
#167 (5/19/80) "The Modern Wandering Jew" (119k)
#168 (5/24/80) "To the Chicago Convention" (127k)
#169 (6/2/80) "The Political Convicts" (131k)
#170 (6/9/80) "The Chicago Catastrophe" (77)
#171 (6/16/80) "The Appomattox of the Third Termers" (131k)
#180 (7/28/80) "It Makes Him Sick" (70k)
#181 (8/25/80) "Forbidding the Banns" (147k)
#182 (9/1/80) "Inspecting the Democratic Curiosity Shop" (140k)

Volume Thirteen
#318 (3/11/83) "The True Meaning of Republican Harmony" by Bernhard Gilliam (162k)
#319 (3/18/83) "Bravo Senor Clevelando!" by Bernhard Gilliam (75k)
#322 (5/9/83) "Our National Dog Show" (164k)

Volume Fourteen
#359 (1/23/84) "The Contest of Beauty" (168k)

Volume Sixteen
#400 (11/5/84) "Men May Come and Men May Go, but the Work of Reform Shall Go on Forever" (128k)
#403 (11/26/84) "Thanksgiving Day, 1884" by Bernhard Gilliam (147k)