The World's Congresses

The World's Congresses were divided into twenty departments, with 224 general divisions. One thousand two-hundred and eighty-three sessions were held, with 5,978 addresses or papers read by 5,822 speakers from 97 foreign nations as well as every state and territory in the United States.

Woman's Progress 25 divisions
Public Press 6 divisions
Medicine and Surgery 6 divisions
Temperance 12 divisions
Moral and Social Reform 15 divisions
Commerce and Finance 10 divisions
Music 9 divisions
Literature 9 divisions
Education 33 total divisions
Engineering 9 divisions
Art 5 divisions
Government 7 divisions
General 5 total divisions
Science and Philosophy 13 divisions
Social and Economic Science 4 divisions
Labor 1 division
Religion 46 divisions
Sunday Rest 1 division
Public Health 1 division
Agriculture 11 divisions

Source: A History of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1897, p. 6-7

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