Special Days at the World's Columbian Exposition

Norway Day May 17 Illinois Day August 24
Maine Day May 24 Colored Peoples' Day August 25
Denmark Day June 5 Machinery-Hall Day August 26
Nebraska Day June 8 Missouri Day and
Butchers' and Grocers' Day
August 30
Princess Eulalia Day June 8 Poets' Day August 30
Traveler's Protective Association Day June 10 The Netherlands Day August 31
Germany Day June 15 Ottoman Empire Day August 31
Illinois Press-Association Day June 16 Catholic Education Day September 2
Massachusetts Day June 17 New York Day September 4
New Hampshire Day June 26 International Eisteddfod September 5
Brooklyn Day June 27 Wisconsin Day September 6
Millers Day June 29 Pennsylvania Day and Brazil Day September 7
Dominion Day July 1 Transportation Day, California Day,
Utah Day, Grand Army of the Republic Day,
and Stationary Engineers' Day
September 9
Patriotic Sunday July 2 Maryland Day, Shoe and Leather Day,
and Colorado Day
September 12
Guatemala Day July 3 Michigan Day and Amateur Athletic Day September 13
Independence Day July 4 Ohio Day September 14
Venezuela Day July 5 Kansas Day, Vermont Day,
Costa Rica Day, and Keely Day
September 15
South Dakota Day July 13 Railway Day, Texas Day,
and New Mexico Day
September 16
France Day July 14 Fishermen's Day and
United Typothetae of America Day
September 19
Colombia Day July 20 Patriotic Order of Sons of America Day September 20
Sweden Day July 20 Iowa Day September 21
College-Fraternity Day July 20 State Commissioners' Day September 22
Stenographer's Day July 22 Knights of Honor Day September 23
Commercial Travelers' Day
and Turner Bund Day
July 26 Odd Fellows Day September 26
Liberia Day July 26 Indiana Day September 27
Caledonian Day July 27 Irish Day September 30
Mechanical Engineers' Day July 31 Carriage-Makers' Day October 3
National Union Day August 2 Mexico Day October 4
Russia Day August 3 Rhode Island Day October 5
Scotland Day August 4 Polish Day October 7
California Pioneer Day August 5 Chicago Day October 9
Virginia Day, Knights of Pythias Day,
and Izaak Walton's Day
August 9 North Dakota Day and
Veteran Firemen's Day
October 10
Louisiana Day and Wheelmen's Night August 10 Connecticut Day October 11
Independent Order of Foresters' Day
and Bohemia Day
August 12 Italian Day October 12
Ancient Order of Foresters' Day August 15 Minnesota Day and Trainmen's Day October 13
Haiti Day and Dartmouth College Day August 16 Manhattan Day October 21
Austria Day and North Carolina Day August 18 Mary Washington Day October 24
British Empire Day August 19 Marine Transportation Day October 25
Merchant Tailors' Day August 21 Coal, Grain and Lumber Dealers' Day October 27
Western New York Day and
Delaware and West Virginia Day
August 23 Ancient Order of United Workmens' Day
and United Cities Day
October 28
Columbus Day October 30

Source: A History of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1897, p. 406-463

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