Concessions on the Midway Plaisance

Algerian and Tunisian Village

American Indian Village

Anschutez Electro-photographic Tachyscopes
A reproduction of the natural motions of objects and animals.

Austrian Village and Old Vienna
A reproduction of that part of Vienna known as 'die Graben' as it appeared two hundred years ago.

Barre Sliding Railway
This was never operated. The project was for a car supported on hollow iron shoes sliding upon rails, water being fed into the cavity of the shoe and escaping between the rail and the shoe during motion. The project failed because of defective management and lack of funds.

Brazilian Concert Hall
Dances performed by natives from the interior of Brazil.

Bulgarian Curiosities

California Ostrich Farm

Camera Obscura
Exhibit of views, transferred by the camera obscura, of a portion of the Exposition grounds.

Captive Balloon

Chinese Village

Colorado Gold Mining
Machinery illustrating methods of mining.

Compagnia Venezia-Murano
Exhibit of Venetian glass blowing.

Costumed Natives

Cyclorama of the Volcano of Kilauea, in the Island of Hawaii

Dahomey Village

Diamond Match Company
Samples of Matches; no admission fee.

Dutch East India Village

East India Bazaar

Egyptian Temple

Electric Theater
Containing a picture of Alpine scenery, with electric effects, showing the changes of Nature from dawn to night.

Ferris Wheel

French Pavilion and Cider Press
For the manufacture and sale of cider from apples from France.

German Village
This contained a fine ethnological museum...The garden was large enough to accommodate 8,000 visitors, and two fine German military bands...gave concerts daily. Their fine physique, handsome uniforms, and excellent playing lent an additional charm to this very creditable concession.

German Wienerwurst House
Nurnburg Bratwurst Glocklein.

Hagenbeck's Zoological Arena Company
A remarkable exhibit of trained animals.

Hungarian Cafe and Concert Pavilion

Ice Railway
A sleighing or coasting track, 875 feet long, covered with artificial ice and snow.

International Dress and Costume Company
Consisting of girls wearing costumes of various nations.

Irish Village of the Irish Industries Association
An imitation of Castle Blarney.

Irish Village
Reproduction of Donegal Castle.

Japanese Bazaar

Java Village

Johore Bungalow
Malaysian Curiosities.

Lapland Village

Libbey Glass Works
A large, complete, and very interesting model glass factory.

Log Cabin and Restaurant
Containing colonial relics and a restaurant for old-fashioned New England dinners.

Model of Eiffel Tower on a scale of one to fifty.

Model of St. Peter's Church, Rome

Moorish Mosque

Moorish Palace


Ottoman Hippodrome
Racing on dromedaries, Arabian sports and horsemanship, dancing, feasting, and wedding ceremonies, showing life in the wild East.

Panorama of the Bernese Alps

Parisian Art Glassware Company

Persian Palace

South Sea Islands and Village

Stereopticon views of Pompeii

Turkish Village

United States Submarine Diving Company

Venice-Murano Glass Blowing Factory

Vienna Bakery and Cafe and Theater

Workingmen's Home
Reproduction of a model cottage, such as are owned by workingmen in Philadelphia.

Source: A History of the World's Columbian Exposition, 1897, p. 77-80 and
The Chicago World's Fair of 1893: The World's Columbian Exposition.

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