This is an online appendix to supplement the text of Charlotte Lennox's Life of Harriot Stuart, published in 1751. Included here are maps of all the places Harriot visits in the New World: New York, Albany, Schenectady, and Fort Hunter. You will also find images of the cities, engravings of the New York skyline (of which Harriot Stuart is the first literary reference), and exerts from publications of the day. This appendix also provides a resource for those interested in Harriot's literary references. Here you will find the text of The Rape of the Lock and a playbill from The Orphan. Under the same heading you will find Harriot's poetry, which is recited in the novel. To access any of these appendices simply click on its icon.

Maps of the colonies circa 1750. Some areas of these maps can be clicked on to view more detailed images of those sections. Also included are the city plans of New York and Albany.

Images and descriptions of New York circa 1750. Included are two images of the New York skyline during the period Harriot would have made her voyage, 1740 and 1750.

Here are images of the forts that Harriot visits while in New York, the fort at Albany and Fort Hunter. Within each image the fort itself is clickable and a more detailed image available.

Harriot's poetry within the novel is almost entirely reproduced from Charlotte Lennox's earlier work. Here are her verses, assembled in one place for easier study. This hypertext compilation of Harriot Stuart's poetry is illustrated with images of courtship and romance. The 1714 edition of Rape of the Lock is available to members of the University of Virginia community. Also here is a copy of a playbill for The Orphan, the drama that Harriot takes part in, which is believed to be the first American playbill.

Exerpts from Hogarth's images of marriage in the eighteenth century. Here you will find details from the six plates of Marriage a la Mode and a brief description of the action in each.