The First Hogan

Hash'ke ba'jilte, a powerful medicine man of the Blue Bird Cla, gave many of the origin myths to Sandoval.

First Man planned to build a home.

He dug a shallow pit in the earth and raised the poles. For the main poles First Man used the Black Bow, which is called Altqin dilqil. There were two parts of this Black Bow, and two other parts, one cut from the Male Reed and one from the Female Reed. The other poles were those at hand. Then the whole structure was covered with earth and grass, and the first dwelling was built. First Woman ground white corn into meal, and they powdered the poles with the meal, and they sprinkled it inside the dwelling from East to West.

First Man said as he sprinkled the cornmeal: "May my home be sacred and beautiful, and may the days be beautiful and plenty."

Today there is a hogan ceremony, and a song is sung as the poles are raised.

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