Death of the Only Daughter


Desolate Mother - ever sad and lonely,
    Mourning for one to thy own bosom dear,
Thy precious daughter - well beloved and only -
    How oft these thoughts awake the silent tear.

For that loved voice and step - thy heart is yearning,
    Ye almost listen - but it is all in vain -
To thy fond memory they are oft returning,
    But ye can never hear them in thy home again.

To years of childhood's night, and rosy pleasure,
    Thy bleeding thoughts return when she was thine,
And time had made her thy companion - treasure -
    For thought and use had ripened well her mind.

Her tenderness and worth, and deep affection,
    Is a rich legacy to thy lone heart.
And while ye grieve, it is a sweet reflection
    That "gold wants wealth" such blessing to impart.

And ye are not alone in sorrow mourning,
    For she had other friends that knew her worth,
That loved the gentle virtues all her life adorning,
    That mingled tears with yours when she left earth.

But this short life with us will soon be ended,
Its joys - its sorrows - all will soon pass away -
Where Jesus is by Seraphim attended,
    May it be ours to join that bright array.

There may ye meet - for there alone 'tis given,
    To dwell in perfect happiness and love,
Oh ! to exchange this dying world for Heaven,
    Is bliss reserved for those who meet above.