Mother's Influence

"O wondrous ! how little understood, --
    Entrusted to the mother's mind along
To fashion genius, form the soul for good,
    Inspire a West, or train a Washington !

- Mrs. Hale
in Poetical Quotations, 1849.


| Mother's Influence |

  • Preface to The Mother's Rule, edited by T.S. Arthur, 1856.
    "By the mother is determined the future of her offspring."

  • Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism, by Catharine E. Beecher, 1837.
    "Woman is to win every thing by peace and love; by making herself so much respected, esteemed and loved..."

  • The American Woman's Home, by Catharine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1869.
    "The family state then, is the aptest earthly illustration of the heavenly kingdom, and in it woman is its chief minister."

  • Woman, Her Education and Influence, by Mrs. Hugo Reid, 1848.
    " the whole range of the middle and lower classes, the mother is the parent who has the most opportunity of influencing the moral education of a family."

  • Preface to Letters To Mothers, by Mrs. L.H. Sigourney, 1838.
    "The soul, the soul of the babe, ... Every trace that we grave upon it, will stand forth at the judgment, when the "books are opened.""

  • "Woman In Her Social Relations," by Henry E. Woodbury, 1852.
    "Of all the impressions made upon the youthful mind, none are so lasting as those received from a mother."

  • "How American Women Should Vote," Godey's Lady's Book, 1852.
    "...she knows ... she feels ... she trusts..."

  • "Editor's Table," Godey's Lady's Book, 1852.
    "Woman has a higher pursuit..."

| The Mother's Patriotic Duty to Use Her Influence Well |

  • A Treatise on Domestic Economy, by Catharine E. Beecher, 1842.
    "The success of democratic institutions, as is conceded by all, depends upon the intellectual and moral character of the mass of the people."

  • "Woman.," by Edward D. Mansfield, 1852.
    "There is a beautiful parallelism between the condition of woman in her domestic life, and the character of a nation."

  • Letter I from Letters to Mothers, by Mrs. L.H. Sigourney, 1838.
    "The degree of her diligence in preparing her children to be good subjects of a just government, will be the true measure of her patriotism."

  • "Influence of Woman.," by Daniel Webster, 1852.
    "Our security for the duration of the free institutions which bless our country, depends upon the habits of virtue..."

| Refuting Influence |

  • General Introduction to Woman, Her Education and Influence, preface written by Mrs. C.M. Kirkland, 1848.
    "Another fine phrase is "Woman's influence," which is held to be of far more importance than woman's self.."

  • A Mother's Letters to a Daughter on Woman Suffrage, by Isabella Beecher Hooker, 1868.
    "Her youngest boy ... has just attained his majority, we will say, and declaims in her hearing on the incompetence of women to vote ... and I seem to see her quiet smile and slightly curling lip, while in memory she runs back to the years when said stripling gathered all he knew of laws, country, home, heaven, and earth, at her knee."

  • Woman, Her Education and Influence, by Mrs. Hugo Reid, 1848.
    "We think, that as a substitute for the open and direct method, female influence is a mere phantasm: either it means nothing at all, else it has a bad meaning."

  • "Editor's Table," Godey's Lady's Book, 1852.
    "...that women should be found in our country, where the sex is so highly respected and tenderly cared for, willing to give up their heavenly privileges of acting with angels in the care of the young..."