My Mother - A Dream.



        "There is none
In all this cold and hollow world --
No fount of deep, strong, deathless love,
Save that within a mother's heart." -- HEMANS.
I DREAMED that she lay dying --
    And none had power to save;
Suns rose, suns set -- methought I stood
    Above my mother's grave.

No heart wsa now with mine in life,
    Like hers beneath the clay;
No loving heart! and yet no tear
    Adown my cheek found way.

An icy weight was at my breast --
    I gasped, convulsed, for breath;
The one I could worst spare from earth
    Lay in the arms of Death.

Gone! gone! I madly raised my eyes,
    And cursed God high in Heaven;
Cursed all things! for the Fiend that hour
    Had will to tempt me given.

Then at my words grew black the skies --
    God's heavens seemed shut from me!
From the worn spirit's depths went forth
    A cry of agony.

"Jessie, dear Jessie," said a voice --
Ah! in what tones of bliss!
"Wake, dearest! 'tis a fearful dream!"
I turned to sister's kiss.

Then stealing to my mother's couch,
    I watched as she calmly slept,
Until the morning stars looked on
    The quiet tears I wept.

O God! if thou decree that first
    Her heavenly crown be won,
Give me to bray, with blessed trust,
    Thy holy will be done!

Godey's Lady's Book
May, 1852.