from The Mother's Rule; or, The Right Way and the Wrong Way
edited by T.S. Arthur


    As the mother's rule at home is, so, in a large measure, will be the characters of her children. By the mother is determined the future of her offspring. She may bend their natural impulses to good, or permit young life, in its first eager activities, to take on evil forms that will forever after mar the beautiful aspects of humanity. How vastly important is it, then, for mothers to have a higher regard for their duties - to feel deeply the immense responsibilities that rest upon them! It is through their ministrations that the world grows worse or better.

    True words, fitly spoken, have often a wonderful power for good. Many doubting, desponding, or listless ones have been suddenly awakened to vigorous activity in the right direction, by a single vivid illustration of truth, and the good fruit springing up in due time, has been seen of all men. True words for mothers, under various forms of narrative, poetry, and earnest teaching have we gathered together in this volume, which is now sent forth to do its work. The good seed we are sure will find good ground, and ripe fruit appear in after time.

[Corrected to The Mother's Rule, pp. iii-iv.]