Pain of Separation

"... Many sober thoughts were passing through her little head, and stirring her heart; a few were of her new possession and bright projects - more of her mother. She was thinking how very, very precious was the heart she could feel beating where her cheek lay - she thought it was greater happiness to lie there than anything else in life could be - she thought she had rather die so, on her mother's breast, than live long without her in the world - she felt that in earth or in heaven there was nothing so dear. ..."
from The Wide, Wide World
by Susan Warner, 1850.



  • The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1850.
    "Ye shall not take her! I will die first!"

  • The Wide, Wide World, by Susan Warner, 1850.
    "Not, and leave me, mother?"

  • "My Mother. - A Dream.," by Marie J. Clare, 1852.
    "An icy weight was at my breast - "


  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass, 1845.
    "It is a common custom, in the part of Maryland from which I ran away, to part children from their mothers at a very early age."

  • Father Henson's Story of His Own Life, by Josiah Henson, [original publication date.]
    "She fell at his feet, and clung to his knees, entreating him in tones that a mother only could command..."