307 Brook Highland Lane Birmingham, AL 35242 (205-408-2875) aprice@mail.allegiancetech.com

Director of a start-up Web Center; including management of all projects and employees, client meetings, marketing, software training and site creation direction

Planning, editing and writing content for university Web sites, teaching four software training classes each week for UAB employees, writing articles for promotion of the UAB Web Center, developing FAQ's and Web content/graphics standards, consulting with clients about site content, providing user support

Instructor -- Winter Term 1999 (January - March) Teaching a sophomore level Introduction to Literature class

Intensive French Summer Language Institute -- May 1998-August 1998

Historiographer -- December 1997-March 1998
*traveling, interviewing and composing a corporate history

Gradership -- Fall 1996
*editing, critiquing and evaluating student writing

Research Assistant -- January 1995-May 1996
*collecting and evaluating data for the media division of a National Science Foundation project tracking public opinion as compared with Congressional action in America