Negotiating the American Identity in
the National Portrait Gallery

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A Thesis presented to the Graduate Faculty
of the University of Virginia in Candidacy for the Degree of
Master of Arts

Department of English
Concentration in American Studies

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This site also supports The Capitol Project, an exploration of the National Capitol as an American icon, part of the American Studies Program at the University of Virginia.

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I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their help in the development of this site: the library staff of the NPG/NMAA for assistance in locating resources; Lois Fink, formerly of the National Museum of American Art, and Margaret Christman, historian for the National Portrait Gallery, for background information on the history of portrait collections in America. Thanks also to Professor Annie Storr of Seton Hall University for help in establishing contacts with NPG/NMAA staff as well as for assistance in developing the arguments in this site.

Special thanks to Professor Alan Howard of UVa for help in developing the form and content of this site as well as for providing remarkable support and guidance for the American Studies Program.

My unending gratitude goes to Leigh Ann Fibbe for editing assistance and overall support. This project and this past year would not have been possible without you.

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Created July 1998 by John C. Barans.

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