The Hoover Dam:
Lonely Lands Made Fruitful


Modernity and
The Hoover Dam

Machine in
The Desert

Icon of Faith:
A Federal Works Project

Planned Living in
Boulder City

Franklin D. Roosevelt's
Dedication Speech

Construction of the
Hoover Dam

Slide Shows


Works Consulted

Hoover Dam Visitor Site

This page created and designed by Janet Haven for
the University of Virginia American Studies Program and
the 1930's Project.

Many thanks to Richard Guy Wilson for his generous assistance with this project.

The title for this project was taken from the flagpole base inscription at Hoover Dam:
"It is fitting that the flag of our country should fly here in honor of those men who,
inspired by a vision of lonely lands made fruitful, conceived this great work
and of those others whose genius and labor made that vision a reality."