Ring-tail Eagle
Sea Eagle


Esquimaux Curlew
Red back Snipe
Marbled Godwit


Ash-coloured Sandpiper
The Purre
Black bellied Plover
Red breasted Sandpiper


Red-breasted Snipe
Long-legged avoset
Soliatry Sandpiper
Yellow shanks Snipe
Tell-tale Snipe


Spotted Sandpiper
Bartram's Sandpiper
Ring Plover
Sanderling Plover
Golden Plover
Killdeer Plover


Great Tern
Lesser Tern
Short-tailed Tern
Black Skimmer
Stormy Petrel


Green Heron
Night Heron and young
Great White Heron


Virginian Rail
Clapper Rail
Blue Crane
Little Egret