Louisiana Heron
Pied Oyster-Catcher
Whooping Crane
Long billed Curlew


Yellow-crowned Heron
Great Heron
American Bittern
Least Bittern


Wood Ibis
Scarlet Ibis
White Ibis


Black or Surf Duck
Buffed headed Duck and female
Canada Goose
Tuft Duck
Golden Eye


Goosander and female
Pin-tail Duck
Blue wing Teal
Snow Goose


Hooded or Crested Merganser
Red breasted Merganser
Blue bill or Scaup Duck
American Widgeon
Female Snow Goose
Pied Duck


Long-tail Duck
Female Summer Duck
Green-winged Teal
Canvas-back Duck
Red-headed Duck


Gadwal Duck
Eider Duck and female
Ruddy Duck and female


Scoter Duck
Velvet Duck
Harlequin Duck
Dusky Duck
Marsh Tern
Sooty Tern