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American Studies Hypertext Projects


Master's Thesis

Urbane Cowboys: in the 1990s


The 1930s on AS@UVA

The 1930s on the Air: Radio in the 1930s

This Land is Your Land: Rural Music and the Depression


Democracy In America

Southwest Humor: Criticism and Defense of an American Character


Virgin Land

The Scalp Hunters


AS@UVA's WWW Yellowpages

American Identities: Ethnicity


OCR Projects (currently unavailable on line)

The Oregon Trail (whole text):
  • Oregon Trail, Chap. 4
  • Oregon Trail, Chap. 5
  • Oregon Trail, Chap. 6
  • Wyeth: Oregon Trail #1
  • Wyeth: Oregon Trail #2
  • John Crowe Ransom: The South- Old or New?

    the Journals of Lewis and Clark:

  • whole text
  • 17 June 1805- 13 August 1805

    Richard Wright: Big Boy Leaves Home