Portfolio of Projects  


Projects created by Stefan Pollklas in course of the M. A. program in American Studies at the University of Virginia.


Summer 1998
M.A. Thesis
Interest Groups in the United States and Germany: Capital and Labor, Confrontation and Cooperation
A Comparative Analysis of Interest Groups in the Governmental Process in Germany and the United States.
Spring Semester 1998
The Great Depression
The World was hit hard by the Depression. How did America cope with it?
Part of the AS @ UVA 1930s-Project.

The 1930s in Print
Part of the AS @ UVA 1930s-Project.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro
A short story by E. Hemingway, scanned and edited for on-line use.
Fall Semester 1997
The Yellow Pages - Social Sciences
A section of the AS Yellow Pages.
Democrats in America
De Tocqueville and Lieber - Two European Perspectives on Democracy in America
Part of the Tocqueville-Project.
South by Southwest: The Caribbean Slave Empire
Part of Henry Nash Smith: Virgin Land - Project. Update, extention, and editiong of an existing site within this project.
Lewis and Clark
The Journals of Lewis and Clark.
The Oregon Trail
I tagged the first three chapters of text.
The Hunting Camp
The Illustration by T. H. Benton scanned for the Oregon Trail-Project.
The Buffalo Hunt
The Illustration by N. C. Wyeth scanned for the Oregon Trail-Project.
The Social Basis of the American System of Manufacturing
Text by John E. Sawyer, scanned from: The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 14, 1954, edited and tagged for use on the WWW.

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