A Voyage of Discovery

By Captain Adam Seaborn


Note on the text: Adam Seaborn is probably a pseudonym used by John Cleves Symmes (although his name appears as John "Cleve" Symmes throughout the book). In his Introduction to Symzonia, J. O. Bailey tells us that "the Library of Congress catalogued the book with a question: 'Seaborn [pseud.?],' but with no reference to Symmes," and that the catalogue card for the book at the University of North Carolina "listed the book as by 'Symmes, J. C.,' with no mention of Seaborn at all." Bailey gets out of the authorship muddle by taking recourse to "internal evidence," such as the enthusiastic propounding of Symmes' theory of the hollow earth and the naming of the land Symzonia.

The text is presented in excerpts and descriptive chapter headings.

Symzonia includes as a frontspiece a diagram of the hollow earth theory.