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D. Putnam Brinley
The Paeony Garden

Gallery F
American Paintings

Gallery F was home to the work of several American artists who displayed the influence of Impressionism, though there was no conscious effort to show them as a group. Some of these artists had exhibited their work together for years as the Ten. Childe Hassam, one of the Ten, was represented by five oil paintings in Gallery E. Paintings by other members of the Ten were scattered throughout the show. John Twachtman's work was in Gallery P, the historical section of the show, and J. Alden Weir's could be found in Gallery E. Weir, the first president of the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, suddenly left the group after several press releases indicated its direct opposition to the National Academy of Design. Although the Ten began exhibiting to have an alternative to Academy shows, by 1913 most of these artists, including Weir, had been voted in as full members. Work by other American Impressionists who did not exhibit with the Ten, like Karl Anderson (Gallery M), could be found at the exhibition as well.

Daniel Putnam Brinley did not exhibit with the Ten either but was a member of the New Society of American Artists in Paris, a group formed in protest against the Society of American Artists in Paris, seen by many as a conservative art-political power. The New Society included many American modernists: Edward Steichen, Marsden Hartley, Arthur Dove, Patrick Henry Bruce, Arthur Carles, Lawrence Fellows, John Marin, Alfred Maurer, and Max Weber (Hartley, Bruce, Carles, Marin, and Maurer were in the Armory Show). Similar to the AAPS, the New Society argued as much about exhibition policies as formalist principles. They exhibited together at Stieglitz's gallery in 1909. Although Brinley's oils (above) confirm that he remained influenced by impressionism until after the Armory Show, his four Color Notes were purchased enmasse by Fredric C. Torrey, who also purchased Duchamp's Nude Descending the Staircase, the icon of the Armory Show.


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