Garden of Love
Wassily Kandinsky
Improvisation No. 27 (Garden of Love)

Gallery G
English, Irish and German Paintings and Drawings

Also in Gallery G was one painting by Wladimir Bechtejeff, a member of the New Artists' Association of Munich (NKVM), founded in 1909 by Kandinsky and Franz Marc among others. The NKVM wanted to procure an exhibition space for Fauve and Jugenstil (German Art Noveau) works. The dealer Heinrich Thannhauser, who was the most generous lender of German, Swiss, and Russian works to the Armory Show, supported the younger artists in their break from the official art channels of Munich and first showed the NKVM in 1909. Dissention within the NKVM led to the formation of the Blue Rider Group in 1911.

Other German artists included in Gallery G were the Impressionist painters Max Slevogt and Julius Seyler. In addition to Thannhauser's loans, German paintings were acquired from Hans Goltz, who Kuhn had met after the Sonderbund show. Unfortunately, most of the paintings from the German section were difficult to locate.


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