Mozart Kubelick
Georges Braque
L'Affiche de Kubelick
The World's parodies of Braque and Picabia
The Procession, Seville
Francis Picabia
The Procession, Seville
The World, along with numerous other newspapers of the day, drew parodies of the works in Gallery I, securing their memory in the minds of New Yorkers and future generations. Above are the World's versions of L'Affiche de Kubelick (the text below reads "This Post-Impression portrait of Kubelik playing Mozartian Rag-time impressed us most.") and Picabia's Procession. Under Picabia's piece, "Alek Sass" wrote, "Tragedy: 'Ah! Mon dieu! They have hang heem, my masterpiece, upside down.'"

Picabia's The Procession, Seville also received scrutiny in the Century. The illustration above features a couple gazing on the painting. In an attempt to "solve the puzzle," the woman suggests: "Perhaps it is a map of the Balkan Mountains?"