Mademoiselle Pogany
Constantin Brancusi
Mademoiselle Pogany

Gallery H
French Paintings and Sculpture

Brancusi's sculptures in Gallery H baffled critics more than any other three-dimensional works in the show. Especially enigmatic were his Sleeping Muse and Mademoiselle de Pologany (left), which was compared to "a hardboiled egg balanced on a cube of sugar" (Brown, Story 139). As with many other works in the show, critics only evaluated Brancusi's work on its adherence to organic form. One writer, chosing to review Brancusi's sculptures out of numerous other possibilities, simply stated that his work was too comical for commentary.

Brancusi was not the only sculptor to be lambasted by the press. Wilhelm Lehmbruck's Kneeling Woman was compared to a praying mantis by Theodore Roosevelt in his "Layman's Guide to an Art Exhibition" and Alexander Archipenko was scolded for his forms that were "completely out of proportion." However, even those who critized these artists most fiercely were also able to see a certain charm in them.


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