Alice Meynell

Poet of Poets, 1847 - 1922


Source: The Poems of Alice Meynell: Complete Edition. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1923.



In Early Spring To the Beloved
An Unmarked Festival In Autumn
Parted "Soeur Monique"
Regrets The Visiting Sea
After a Parting Builders of Ruins
Sonnets: Thoughts in Separation
The Garden Your Own Fair Youth
The Young Neophyte Spring on the Alban Hills
In February A Shattered Lute
Renouncement To a Daisy
San Lorenzo's Mother The Lover Urges the Better Thrift
Cradle-Song at Twilight Song of the Night at Daybreak
A Letter from a Girl to her own Old Age Advent Meditation
A Poet's Fancies: The Love of Narcissus
To Any Poet To One Poem in a Silent Time
The Moon to the Sun The Spring to the Summer
The Day to the Night A Poet of One Mood
A Song of Derivations Singers to Come


The Shepherdess The Two Poets
The Lady Poverty November Blue
A Dead Harvest The Watershed (for R.T.)
The Joyous Wanderer The Rainy Summer
The Roaring Frost West Wind in Winter
The Fold "Why Wilt Thou Chide?"
Veneration of Images "I am the Way"
Via, et Veritas, et Vita Parentage
The Modern Mother Unto Us a Son is Given
Veni Creator Two Boyhoods
To Sylvia Saint Catherine of Siena
Chimes A Poet's Wife
Messina, 1908 The Unknown God
A General Communion The Fugitive
In Portugal, 1912 The Crucifixion
The Newer Vainglory In Manchester Square
Maternity The First Snow
The Courts The Launch
To the Body The Unexpected Peril
Christ in the Universe Beyond Knowledge
Easter Night A Father of Women
Length of Days: To the Early Dead Nurse Edith Cavell
Summer in England, 1914 To Tintoretto in Venice
A Thrush Before Dawn The Two Shakespeare Tercentenaries
To O--, of Her Dark Eyes The Treasure
A Wind of Clear Weather in England In Sleep
The Divine Privilege Free Will
The Two Questions The Lord's Prayer


The Poet and His Book Intimations of Mortality
The Wind is Blind Time's Reversals
The Threshing Machine Winter Trees on the Horizon
To Sleep The Marriage of True Minds
In Honour of America, 1917 Lord, I Owe Thee a Death
Reflexions To Conscripts
The Voice of a Bird The Question
The Laws of Verse "The Return to Nature"
To Silence The English Metres
"Rivers Unknown to Song" To the Mother of Christ the Son of Man
A Comparison Surmise
To Antiquity Christmas Night
The October Redbreast To "a Certain Rich Man"
"Everlasting Farewells" The Poet to the Birds
At Night to W. M.