Christiana Weller and Dickens

Christiana Weller was a concert pianist until her marriage to Thomas Thompson. It was Dickens who introduced his friend Thompson to the beautiful pianist; Dickens himself admired her extremely, and after meeting her in 1844 he wrote:

I cannot joke about Miss Weller, for she is too good; and interest in her (spiritual young creature that she is) has become a sentiment with me. Good God, what a madman I should seem if the incredible feeling I have conceived for that girl could be made plain to anyone.
Dickens also visited her, and wrote this verse for her album:
I put in a book once by hook or by crook
The whole race (as I thought) of a feller
Who happily pleased the town's taste most diseas'd
And the name of this person was Weller.

I find to my cost that one Weller I lost,
Cruel destiny so to arrange it!
I love her dear name which has won me some fame
But, Great Heaven, how gladly I'd change it!