Lee Haring recently retired from teaching at Brooklyn College with over forty years of service. While he has spent time in Kenya and Mauritius, the majority of his academic career has been devoted to studying folklore in Madagascar. He has published three books on the subject: the Malagasy Tale Index (1982), Verbal Arts of Madagascar (1992), and Ibonia, Epic of Madagascar (1994). He is interested in making his research available online. Any questions about Haring's work can be directed to him via e-mail at lharing@earthlink.net.
Frank Diller Frank Diller is a graduate of the University of Virginia's American Studies M.A. program. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he double-majored in English and the Writing Seminars as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University. He recorded all of the RealAudio sections found on this web site--yes, that is his voice. Frank enjoys watching movies, listening to music, bowling on occasion, and spending time with his fiancee, Jen. He is slightly disturbed that he went to graduate school and learned to play foosball. Frank is also allergic to dogs.
Ronda Grogan is a graduate of the University of Virginia's American Studies M.A. program. Born in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas to military parents, she has spent much of her life travelling throughout the country. She graduated from Cristobal High School in Coco Solo Panama and moved back to the States to attend college in McPherson, Kansas. Ronda possesses an A.A. from Central College and a B.A. from Greenville College in addition to her newly-minted M.A. She designed the lay-out for the site including the funky frameset. Ronda enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with technology.