47     Andriamanitra, Sky Lord, is the usual word for God. Division of heaven and earth between the Creator and a rebellious culture hero is a frequent theme of myths outside Imerina. See Dandouau, Contes populaires, 123-32, 149-53 (Sakalava); Renel, Contes de Madagascar, 3:69-74 (Sakalava); Renel, Contes de Madagascar, 1:215-23, 268-74 (Tanala); Dubois, Monographie, 1335-36 (Betsileo); Faublˇe, Rˇcits bara, 412-27, 449-53, 496-500 (Bara). Ibonia bases his division of jurisdictions, says Ottino, on conceptions combining influences from Indonesia, southern Africa, Islam, and India (L'Etrang¸re, 519-20). In these lines, he claims the status of universal sovereign ("Mythology of the Highlands," 969).