85     Motif D1384.3, Charm gives safety on journey, D1541.0.1, Charms control storms. "Before undertaking the superhuman actions which his birth leads us to expect, Ibonia must show that he yields in nothing to his rival and must pass a test of physical strength and moral resistance. It is not enough for him to possess marvelous weapons with symbolic names and unparalleled hardness. Reduced to his mere strengths, Ibonia would be a man among other men. He must draw nearer the forces to which he owes life. He must attain certainty of their benevolence toward him. By an unparalleled test, he will affirm his communion with the sun-god. After emerging victorious from the test, as a god of light he will follow his course and go forth to his wife's rescue. From the point of view of its philosophical and religious insights, this third part, though briefer, remains of great interest and yields nothing to the first two" (Becker, Conte d'Ibonia, 91 n. 1).