The Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street

This swing program packaged some of the most accomplished musicians of the 30s inside a parody of elite musical broadcasts like Texaco's Metropolitan Opera. Milton Cross, long the announcer for the Met's Saturday afternoon broadcasts, appeared frequently to lend his highly recognizable, terribly serious voice and unparalleled knowledge of classical music jargon to the proceedings. Everyone on the show was a "professor" or "doctor." My Gal Sal" was presented as "a Dixieland reading of an early American classic written as a chamber cantata with a distinguished bass." The woodwind section played "termite-proof virgin pine" instruments along side a soloist on the "barefoot harmonica." The conclusion of one show, a slow version of Basin Street Blues, was introduced as "the closing opus played in a Hayden Farewell Symphony arrangement, with the musicians leaving the stand one by one until the double bass player is finally left alone, dolefully drumming on his doghouse." And so it was.

Guest stars included: