Dear Friend,

           An exciting event is in the works. The Festival of Food and Wine makes its Washington DC debut on March 7, 2003, at the Four Seasons Hotel Georgetown to benefit the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation. This fundraiser will showcase several renowned chefs. Also featured will be premier wineries as well as a silent and live auction.

          Since its inception in late 1999, RSRF has funded $3 million in research grants, leading to significant breakthroughs in understanding Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurological disorder that forever robs little girls of their mental and physical abilities.

          Rett Syndrome girls’ lives start out with great promise, but within only 6-18 months their normal development is rudely interrupted by a drastic regression in skills. Their speech and hand use suddenly disappear. Then, most girls develop seizures, breathing abnormalities, gastrointestinal distress, severe motor control problems and scoliosis. They remain dependent on others for every basic human need. With the discovery in 1999 of the Rett Syndrome gene and the subsequent availability of mouse models to study the disease, hope is on the horizon.

          We invite you to open your heart to these girls and become a sponsor of this event. Sponsorship is available at many levels. Your donation is tax deductible and any monetary donation or auction item is greatly appreciated.

          Thank you in advance for considering our request to make this evening a success. With your help, our little girl and countless others suffering from Rett Syndrome could soon benefit from a treatment or cure.


          Drs. Bruce & Daphne Thomas
          Festival Chairs