Festival of Food & Wine 2003
March 7, 2003 at the Four Seasons Georgetown

100% of conributions over $70.00 per ticket are tax deductible.
Please complete this form and send your payment to:
Festival of Food & Wine 2003
PMB F4 20789 Great Falls Plaza #110 Potomac Falls VA, 20165

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Please select one of the following SPONSOR LEVELS:

         Grand Toque ____tables (0-2)* and/or ____# tickets (0, 10 or 20)
         Master Chef ____1 table* or ____10 tickets
         Executive Chef ____1 table* or ____10 tickets
         Sous Chef ____1 table* or ____6 tickets
         Brioche ____single payment ____monthly donation**
         Baguette ____single payment ____monthly donation**
         Bagel ____single payment ____monthly donation**
         Biscuit ____single payment ____monthly donation**
         Individual Tickets - $200 __________#tickets
         Matching Corporate Gift $__________amount

Donations must be received before December 13 for inclusion in invitation and January 31, 2003 for inclusion in the program
         *If tables are sold out tickets will be automatically issued.
         **Credit Card billed monthly

I am unable to attend but would like to make a donation:

         Cash $____________amount Matching Corporate Gift $____________amount
Auction Item (use enclosed auction donation form)***
         ***Must be received by January 31, 2003 for acknowledgment in program.

I would like to purchase an ADVERTISMENT in the program:
Full Page - $1000
Half Page - $500
Quarter page - $250

Ad must be submitted in Camera Ready format before January 31, 2003

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          **Credit Card required for monthly donation
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