Welcome to the 11th Annual Writer's Eye Competition

September 29 - November 14, 1996

The Writer's Eye competition fuses the creative spirit of artists and writers. Young and old who view a group of selected art works at the Bayly Art Museum are invited to write an original poem or short story in response to one of the pieces.

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This contest is open to writers from third graders through adults who come to the Bayly Art Museum to see The Writer's Eye art selections.

A list of these works and contest entry forms are available at the front desk of the Museum. Contestants write a poem or short story that is a personal response to one of these works.

Type entries, single spaced, and submit three copies. Include the title of your work and the name of the work of art that inspired it on every page. Since all entries are judged anonymously, please do not put your name on your work.

Fill out the official entry form and staple it to the back of one copy. Then paper clip the three copies together. Entries will not be returned so keep a copy for yourself. Poems are limited to two standard sized pages in length. Stories are limited to 1000 words. Short pieces are just as eligible as long ones.

Entries must be original, never before published work by the author. Writers grant permission to the Bayly Art Museum to publish their work on its Web site or in any of its educational publications.

Only one entry is allowed per writer.

Entries must be received at the Museum by 5:00 PM, Friday, November 14, 1997. Mailed entries should be sent to:
The Writer's Eye
Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia
Rugby Road
Charlottesville,VA 22903

Winners will be notified by mail and announced on this Web site . Prizes will be awarded at a ceremony February 28, 1998.

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All Writer's Eye entries will first go to a panel of readers who will select a group of entries for the final round of judging. At all stages the judging is 'blind', the name of the author is not on the work being read.

Finalists in the Prose Category will be judged by John Grisham who will name a first, second, and third place winner in each age division.

High school and adult division finalists in the poetry category will be judged by Greg Orr.

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Writer's Eye Award

Age Group

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

(Grades: 3,4,5)

Middle School (Grades: 6,7,8)

$50.00 cash plus a one year Bayly Art Museum membership $25.00 gift certificate plus a one year Bayly Art Museum membership A one year Bayly Art Museum membership

High School
(Grades: 9,10,11,12)


$100.00 cash plus a one year Bayly Art Museum Membership $25.00 gift certificate plus a one year Bayly Art Museum membership A one year Bayly Art Museum membership

At their discretion judges may also award Honorary Mention.

Winners will be notified by mail and be invited to a special ceremony on February 28, 1998 in Campbell Hall 153 where they will receive their prizes. First Place winners will have the opportunity to read aloud their works. A reception for the winners and their guests will follow in the Museum.

The names of the winners will be announced on this Web site.

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Writer's Eye tours for groups can be scheduled by calling the tour coordinator at 924-7458 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tour groups will see The Writer's Eye selections, and conclude with a fifteen minute period for discussion and writing. All tours feature a dialogue format between the docent and the visitors. Writing exercises and activities are generally included. Each tour is individually planned to meet the needs of the visiting group after a consultation with the teacher or leader.

Teachers bringing groups are encouraged to prepare by previewing the Writer's Eye art selections at this site. After the tour students may review the collection and refer to it as they create their stories and poems.

The Writer's Eye Competition Art

Click here to see fourteen of the designated works in: The Writer's Eye collection. Some images are not being shown here due to copyright restrictions. You can see the entire collection at the Bayly Art Museum. The Museum is open from 1PM to 5PM, Tuesday through Sunday and is closed Monday. Admission is free and there is limited free parking behind the building.


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