Callaloo # / artist/ name of work

V1N2 (#2) feb 1978
Robert Pass

V1N3 (#3) may 1978
Jim Santana
[photo of] Ernest J. Gaines

V1N4 (#4) oct 1978
John Biggers
"Twins of Autumn"-The Elders/lithograph

V2N1 (#5) feb 79
John Biggers
detail of Contribution of the Negro Woman to American life and Education [painting]

V2N2 (#6) may 1979
Ed Hamilton

V2N3 (#7) oct 1979
Paulette S. Johnson

V3N1-3 (#8,9,10)
Chike C. Aniakor

V4N1-3 (#11-13)
William Duffy, Jr.
Boat Folk [sculpture]
Photo of sculpture by Richard L. Carrer

V5N1-2 (#14-15)
Roy Lewis
[photograph of MLK day in 1981] The Weight

V5N3 (#16) oct 1982
Paulette S. Johnson

V6N1 (#17) feb 1983
Norman Baylor

V6N2 (#18) spring-summer 1983
Bernard Young
Debbie and Child [painting]

V6N3 (#19) fall 1983
Guy Davenport
[ink drawing of Dogon motifs]

V7N1 (#20) winter 1984
Keith Medley

V7N2 spring-summer 84
Michael E. Coblyn
Art and Beauty [painting]

V7N3 fall 84
Norman Baylor

V8N1 winter 85
Roy Lewis
[photo of Larry Neal]

V8N2 (#24) spring-summer 85
Cover design by R. Marshall
[photo with camera around it]

V8N3 (#25) fall 85
Cover design by Richard J. Powell

V9N1 (#26) winter 86
Photo by James Van Der Zee
Lady at the Piano

V9N2 spring 86
Photo by John Small

V9N3 summer 86
Photo courtesy special collections at U. Miss. of Richard Wright

V9N4 (#29) fall 86
Photo by Norman W. Baylor

V10N1 (#30) winter 87
Romare Bearden
Quilting Time [mosaic tesserae on plywood]

V10N2 spring 87
Photo of Nicolás Guillén

V10N3 summer 87
Photo by Larry Anderson

V10N4 fall 87
Painting by Bifford Scarborough, Jr.

V11N1 winter 88
Painting by Wifredo Lam "The Jungle"

V11N2 Spring 88
Painting by Jonathan Green "First Sunday"

V11N3 summer 88
Painting Romare Bearden "Opening Statement"

V11N4 fall 88
Painting by Gwendllyn Knight "Robes"

V12N1 winter 89
Painting by Guillaume Lo-A-Njoe "A Conversation With My Garden"

V12N2 spring 89
Painting by Lois Mailou Jones "Madame Lillian Evanti"

V12N3 summer 89
Painting by Q. Jan Telting "Vanity Contraption"

V12N4 fall 89
Soft sculpture by Barbara Ward "New Race II"

V13N1 winter 90
Collage by Moustapha Paye--from Senegal "Louanges Du Khalamkatt (Praises of the 
Khlam Prayer)"

V13N2 spring 90
Pastel, pencil, ink by Laurence Hurst "New Moon"

V13N3 summer 90
Oil painting Jorge Severino‹from Dominica Republic "Santa Marta la Dominadora 
(Powerful Saint Martha)"

V13N4 fall 90
Oil pastel by Oliver Jackson [untitled]

V14N1 winter 91
Oil painting by Stan Burnside "Witness #2"

V14N2 spring 91
Oil painting by José Maria Capricorne "The Meeting of the Comedians"

V14N3 summer 91
Integrated photographs/mixed media by Harold Baquet "Just a Closer"

V14N4 fall 91
Mixed media by Randell Henry "Man With Snake"

V15N1 winter 92
Special issue on Guadalupe and Martinique
Mixed media by Bruno Pedurand "Meditasylon"

V15N2 spring 92
Issue on Haiti: the literature and culture
Oil painting by Wilson Bighaut "Conflicts and Tension"

V15N3 summer 92
Haiti: part 2 (has a portfolio of Haitian paintings)
Oil painting by Rigaud Benoit "La Femme Qui Pense (The Pensive Woman)"

V15N4 fall 92
Puerto Rican Literature
Acrylic by Vilma Maldonado-Reyes "Espartanas/Macheteras"

V16N1 winter 93
Anglophone and Francophone Women Writers
Acrylic by Malaika Favorite "Woman of Color"

V16N2 spring 93
Featured in this issue Leon Forest
Lithograph by Margo Humphrey "Midnight Rendezvous"

V16N3 summer 93
Mixed media painting by Dennis Paul Williams "Blue Soul" from the Angel Series

V16N4 fall 93
Post-Colonial discourse: Caribbean and South American Bibliography
Mixed media painting by Yeda Maria "Orixa Head"

V17N1 winter 94
Native America Literatures
Mixed media painting by Pahdopony "Comanche Women: Ft. Sill Indian School"

V17N2 spring 94
Mixed media painting by Gilda Snowden "Self In Storm"

V17N3 summer 94
Dedicated to Puerto Rican Women writers
Acrylic by Maria De Mater O¹Neill "Autorretrato VIII"

V17N4 fall 94
Oil painting by Lisa Teasley "Self Portrait As A Lady"

V18N1 winter 95
Special issue for Wilson Harris
Adam Elder : photo "Wilson Harris, Scotland on Sunday, UK"

V18N2 spring 95
Cloth pane by Dete Lima "The Waters of Oxum"

V18N3 summer 95
Special issue for Maryse Conde
Oil painting by Malaika Favorite "Decisions" from the Family Quilt series

V18N4 fall 95
Special issue: African Brazilian Literature
Oil painting by Edson Luz [untitled]

V19N1 winter 96
Oil painting by Virgie Patton-Ezelle "Reach"

V19N2 spring 96
Special issue: emerging women writers
Oil painting by Didra Harris-Kelley "The Artist In Her Studio"

V19N3 summer 96
Thierry Alet "Laughing Head" from the Laughing Head series

V19N4 fall 96
Acrylic by Darrell Rose "Oxun, I"

V20N1 winter 97
Acrylic by Lawrence Hurst "Girl Talk"

V20N2 spring 97
Issue has exhibit of flags in it
Acrylic by Juan Logan "The Wish-Giver"

V20N3 summer 97
Acrylic by Gilda M. Edwards "Self-Portrait"

V20N4 fall 97
Special issue: Eric Williams and the Post-Colonial Carribean
Painting by Irenee Shaw "Portrait of Eric Williams"

V21N1 winter 98
Special issue: Emerging Male Writers: part one
Painting by Kerry James Marshall "Dark and Handsome"

V21N2 spring 98
Special issue: emerging male writers: part two 
Painting by Kerry James Marshall "Lost Boys"

V21N3 summer 98
Special issue: Caribbean Literature from Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, and the 
Painting by Jose Maria Capricorne "Portrait of Milka"

V21N4 fall 98
Dedicated to Sterling A. Brown
Photo of Sterling A. Brown by Roy Lewis

V22N1 winter 99
Painting by Nikolai S. W. Goodich "Blue Man"

V22N2 spring 99
Painting by Ricardo Francis "(Scar)Face"

V22N3 summer 99
Special issue on "John Edgar Wideman: The European Response"
Photo of John Edgar Wideman by Phyllis Graber Jensen

V22N4 fall 99
Mixed media by Liz Cherry Jones "Detail Pattern Daft #2"

V23N1 winter 00
Special issue: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Literature and Culture
Painting by Ricardo Francis "Queen: Image and Truth"

V23N2 spring 00
Special issue on Nathanial Mackey
Photo of Nathanial Mackey "Nathanial Mackey at Poets House" by Lynn Seville

V23N3 summer 00
Special issue: Dominican Republic Literature and Culture
Painting by Charo Oquet "The Birds"

V23N4 fall 00
Painting by Barbara Thomas "City in Firelight"

V24N1 winter 01
Featured in this Issue: The Confederate Flag Controversy
Painting by Gary Logan "Cross"

V24N2 spring 01
The Best of Callaloo Prose: A Special 25th Anniversary Issue
Painting by Percival Everett "Down"

V24N3 summer 01
Special issue Best of Callaloo Poetry
Painting by Clarence Major "Two Figures"

V24N4 fall 01
The Contemporary Diaspora: Special 25th Anniversary Issue
Painting by Hamid Moulferdi "Untitled"

V25N1winter 02
Jazz Poetics: A Special Issue
Mixed media?? By Tierney Malone "Study (Afro-Blue)"

V25N2 spring 02
Eleanor Burnette "Spirit of Green Street"

V25N3 summer 02
In this issue: Jamaica Kincaid
Annette Lawrence "Unborn"

V25N4 fall
Langston Hughes on the Set of Raisin in the Sun
Chicago, July 1960