Discovering the novelistů

The title page of this novel identifies the author of A Charleston Love Story as T.G. Steward. There is no "About the author" page. Our archive files hold no further information on the author, although searches were done at the time of original identification of novels for the archive.

My research revealed a few titles by Theophilas G. Steward. Of course, corresponding initials are not enough evidence to establish authorship. My readings in the history of Charleston eventually revealed a public figure, Theophilas Gould Steward, a prominent member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

I located the additional book-length publications of Theophilas G. Steward. The Haitian Revolution 1791-1804: or, Side Lights on the French Revolution (1914), yielded no helpful information. The Colored Regulars in the United States Army, reprinted by the Arno Press in 1969, as part of the American Negro series, includes a very short biographical note, which includes the mention of a "Victorian novel" by Steward. This is a coincidence too large to ignore. Based on the presumption that the author of A Charleston Love Story is the same T.G. Steward who wrote The Haitian Revolution, and The Colored Regulars In the United States Army, this is what we presently know about the man.

Theophilas Gould Steward was born in 1843, grew up and was educated in Cumberland County, New Jersey. He became a minister with the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1864. Following the Civil War, Steward traveled South with Dr. Daniel A. Payne to organize the A.M.E. Church in South Carolina and Georgia. He established a church in Haiti and preached in New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Reverend Steward joined the 25th U.S. Colored Infantry as a chaplain in 1891. With this regiment he served in Nebraska, Texas, and Florida until 1907. Between 1907 and his death in 1925, Steward was a professor of French, history, and logic at Wilberforce University. He published:

A Charleston Love Story, 1899

The Colored Regulars, 1904

The Haitian Revolution, 1914

Fifty Years in the Gospel Ministry, 1921