Paternal Great Grandmother
Jane Arthur with her mistress
1828 - 1921
JANE ARTHUR BOND was the daughter of Martha, a slave belonging to the Arthur family in Kentucky. Her father, Henry Crockett, belonged to the famous western Virginia family of frontier fame. Jane Arthur was born in 1828, the property of a wealthy white landowner, Ambrose Arthur. Two sisters, Charity and Patience, were sold and never heard from again. Her frequent companion was an Arthur daughter, Belinda. When Belinda married a young Methodist minister, Preston Bond, in 1848, Jane was given to her as a wedding present, and made her home with the Bond family in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, the Anderson County seat. A preacher at 19, Preston Bond owned as many as seven slaves. When his wife became pregnant, he fathered two children with his slave- James, born in 1863, and Henry, in 1865, and both boys took the surname of their slave-master father, Bond. The Thirteenth Amendment freed Jane and James Bond in 1865. Preston Bond's black and white children formed an extended family; all the children called Bond's wife "Ma" and Jane "Mammy." In her later years, Jane Arthur was called "Aunt Jane." In 1869, Jane and her two sons returned to the Arthur family in Knox County. Now compensated for her service, she moved with them to neighboring Williamsburg, where she achieved renown for her nursing skills and quilting ability. She died in 1921.
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