Atlanta, GA
May 1960
Freedom Singers led by Bertha Gober.
Written by Brenda Gibson, this song was based on popular rhythm and blues tunes. Although the quality of the recording is poor, it is one of the early examples of new freedom songs created from the R&B charts.

I went to A&P
Down on Edgewood Street
When I looked around
There was a bulldog hound
He said listen my friends
You can't trade here
I'm the chief right here my friends
I'm the chief right here. [2x]

I want to tell you 'bout segregation
It ain't no good [2x]
And I won't stop tryin'
'Til integration is mine...

This song was performed at Spellman College in Atlanta during the "Sit-in-Show-Down," a presentation of music, poetry, and prose created by Julian Bond to dramatize the position of students who organized the Atlanta sit-ins. This recording presents the Integration Grooves, here consisting of Brenda Gibson, Emily Winston (piano), Robbie Tate, Sonya Mixon, Ernestine Palmer, Pat Mathas, and others.
Courtesy of Voices of the Civil Rights Movement: Black American Freedom Songs, 1960-1966 a Smithsonian Folkways Recording1997..
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